How to Start an Ecommerce Website like Flipkart – The Complete Guide

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A Beginner’s Guide on How to Make a Website like Flipkart

If you are looking to build a multi-vendor eCommerce website just like the online giant that is Flipkart, you have come to the right place. Designed for absolute beginners, this guide will hold your hand every step of the way.

We will cover everything you need to know in order to build your new website, as well as help you install the initial content so you have something ready to launch. And all without needing to type a single line of code!


With a little time, we believe it is perfectly possible for you to have a fully operational business online. You will be able to market to online vendors looking to sell their goods on your website, while you make money on the commission or signup fees.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves there. Let’s look at what you will learn by the end of this article.

We have split this guide into 3 main parts:

  • Part 1. The website platform you should use for your website
  • Part 2. Choosing the best domain name and hosting provider for your new site
  • Part 3. How to Install your chosen website platform and the ‘theme’ that will give you that Flipkart style

Once completed, your eCommerce website will be ready to accept product listings ready to be bought.

View a demo of your completed Flipkart style website

By following the steps below, you could own this website in less than an hour from now.

However, before we begin building let’s take a moment to address any expectations for your website.

How to start a business like Flipkart – A Reality Check

Flipkart logo

Flipkart was founded in India in 2007. Following the Amazon business model, the company initially sold books online and then moved into other product categories including electronics, apparel, and other consumer goods.

Over the last 11 years, the site has grown exponentially, so much so in August 2018, Walmart acquired a 77% controlling stake for $16 billion USD, (the aim being to compete with Amazon within the Indian eCommerce space).

Needless to say, Flipkart is a huge success.

And while your website by the end of this article will have very similar functionality to Flipkart, (a full multi vendor eCommerce platform where you can charge retailers to advertise products on your site), you will clearly be a long way from competing with such behemoths as Amazon and Flipkart.

However, once you have built your site, spent time growing your audience and vendor list, you will be able to create an income in much the same way as some of the most successful enterprises on the planet today.

I don’t know about you, but that’s something to get excited about!!

So enough with the preamble, let’s start building a website already!

Step 1: Which website platform should you use?

Choosing a CMS

The answer here is very easy for us at BuildaSiteLike. We recommend using exactly the same system that we use to build all our websites; the wonderful world of WordPress.

WordPress is the backbone to almost a 3rd of all sites on the internet. Can all those users be wrong?

Let’s take a closer look.

Why WordPress is the #1 choice for your Flipkart website?


Essentially, building your site using the WordPress content management system (CMS) makes your life a whole lot easier.

The system allows you to create and manage a fully functional eCommerce website, without having to know a single line of complex code or programming language.

The point and click style interface gives the website owner all the tools they need to control every aspect of their site.

With WordPress installed you can easily upload new themes (to change the look of your site) add plugins (to alter what your site can do) and of course easily add all of your content (words, pictures, and videos).

To top it all off, WordPress is completely free to install and use.

We will now show you how to build a multi-vendor marketplace using wordpress. However, before we can install this excellent content management system, we need to purchase your domain name and hosting.

Step 2: Choosing your Web Host & Domain Name

domain name extensions

Before we begin, let’s take a moment to explain these two services:

  • Domain Name – Your domain name is the home address of your website. It is your little bit of internet real estate and when typed into a browser address bar, is how people will find you. is a domain name.
  • Web Hosting – The web hosting is the service that stores all of your website data so that it is available online around the clock. Every website online needs hosting in some form. This service can be paid monthly or annually. has partnered with iPage, our #1 choice web hosting service for beginners. If you sign up using the link below you will receive an amazing 75% Discount on your hosting plan & a FREE Domain Name


Note: If you sign up by using one of our links, does make a small commission from the sale. This comes at no extra cost to you and is how we cover the costs to make this site an ad-free, home of excellent content. We want to continue improving; adding more valuable guides and helping you guys get started online.

To find out why we have chosen iPage as the number one hosting for beginners, head to our in-depth review here.

Ultimately, they are very difficult to fault. iPage provides extremely affordable, feature-rich WordPress hosting (with top-notch live support) at a mere $1.99/month.

They also offer a FREE years domain registration. You can also claim $500 worth of extras on sign-up!

In our opinion, you will not find a better web hosting deal anywhere else today. So let’s go ahead and purchase the iPage Hosting plan and register a FREE Domain Name.

Click here to open the iPage Website in a new window

Then click the Get Started Now Button.

On the following screen (shown below), you will have the opportunity to choose your domain name.

A word on your domain name

Choosing a domain can be daunting. Essentially it is the name of your online business. It is natural that you want to get it right.

The domain name is a big part of business branding, (you only need to think of the likes of Flipkart, Amazon, Facebook, Uber to recognize this).

And while it is more than possible to spend weeks thinking up names, the important issue is to settle upon one.

You may also run into the problem that the name you like is already taken by someone else. Do not be discouraged, there are some great resources for finding available names and to help jump-start the creative, decision-making process.

The following sites are domain name generators:

iPage also offers suggestions once you have typed in your domain name choice.

In creating this tutorial I did not need a new domain name so I typed in “”. I then pressed search.

In this case, the domain name was available

As we mentioned above, domain names can often be taken already, (especially .com ones).

If you receive a message that states the domain is already being used, check out one of the above resources to come up with new ideas, or maybe opt for one of the alternatives iPage suggests.

Once you have chosen an available domain, click Next, choose my term.

On this page, you can choose a 1, 2, or 3-year duration term for your hosting.

Here, we have opted for a two-year plan.

After making your choice click Next, customize my plan.

Here you will be able to select various addons for your site.

These are as follows:

  • Domain Privacy – You will want to have this. Domain Privacy essentially blocks your name and address details from appearing on the domain sales directory. It stops you from unwanted calls and emails from spammy services.
  • Website Security & Daily Backup – Definitely opt for this; you want regular backups and security to keep things safe.
  • All in One WordPress Bundle – Not necessary.
  • SSL Certificate – Yes here too. From July 2018 Google will give preference to sites with valid security certificates. With an eCommerce website, this is especially important.

After customizing your plan, click Continue to Payment.

Congratulations, Step 2 is almost complete!

After seeing the payment confirmation, you will need to create your iPage login details.

Now, with our hosting and domain name in place, we can install WordPress and upload our Flipkart style WordPress theme.

Step 3: Installing WordPress & a Flipkart e-Commerce Theme

wordpress logo

i. Installing WordPress Using SimpleScripts

Using the login details you created a moment ago, you can log into your iPage control panel.

Once there, click on My Installs (SimpleScripts).

On the next page Click WordPress.

The default settings you find during this process should be left as they are.

Click Install and iPage will take care of the rest (at one point during the install you will need to create your WordPress login, however).

Finally, agree to the WordPress T&Cs, then click complete and…

Great Stuff! Your site now has WordPress installed

Now things are really starting to take off.

There is one more important stage to take care of, however; install the e-Commerce wordpress theme that will turn your site into a multi-vendor, Flipkart style enterprise.

The theme is very important. If you take a look at the front page of your website as it stands, (by entering the domain name you created in Step 2, e.g:; things look very bare indeed.

With just the default WordPress theme installed, and no content your site is understandably lackluster.

We’re now going to change all that!!

ii. Installing a Flipkart WordPress Theme


With the WordPress installation taken care of, it is time to purchase and install the Flipkart theme that will transform your site.

First, we need to login to the WordPress admin panel.

This is done by adding /wp-admin after your domain name. For example:

Here you will need to enter the login details you created during the WordPress install.

A screenshot of the WordPress admin dashboard.

Welcome to the main WordPress admin area. You should now be looking at a screen similar to the one above.

This is the interface you will be using to publish new content, install any required plugins, and with the theme, we are about to purchase, turn your site into a Flipkart clone.

So let’s go and do that now.

What’s the best Flipkart WordPress Theme?

Flipkart wordpress-theme-image-electro

In our opinion, the Electro Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme for WordPress is the best theme currently available for those looking to launch a Flipkart style website.

This can be purchased on the ever-reputable ThemeForest website, one of the most established WordPress theme marketplaces online.

This theme is fully compatible with the excellent WooCommerce plugin, that will give your site complete multi-vendor functionality.

It also provides an easy install method, with quality demo content giving the beginner the chance to launch a sophisticated looking eCommerce marketplace in no time at all.

Electro also has a superb 4.8 average out of 5 stars user rating. It also has over 7,000 sales, comes with access to comprehensive how-to videos and author support, and is an overall fantastic option for your Flipkart clone.

So let’s now head over to ThemeForest so we can purchase our new theme.

Click here to open the ThemeForest website in a new tab

website-like-flipkart - electro theme

You will now find yourself on the main Electro Theme sales page.

Click the Buy Now button.

On the signup page, fill in your name and create some login details.

(With your iPage, WordPress, and Theme Forest accounts all requiring login details it makes very good sense to have these written down somewhere.)

Verify the captcha, and then click the Create Account & Continue Button.

After filling in the payment details using your chosen method, you will receive a confirmation success message.

Now you will be able to download the Electro theme.

Hover over your username (this is at the top right corner of the screen). Click downloads.

The Electro theme download button will be visible much like the screenshot below.

Themeforest Downloads Page

Click the green download button as shown above.

You will be offered to options:

  • All files and Documentation – This option allows you to download the theme, license information, and other related documentation, all in one zip file.
  • Installable WordPress files only – Click this and you will download the theme files only, in one single .zip file.

Option number 2 is the one we are after; the installable WordPress files only.

Download the zip file to your desktop.

Now, head to your main WordPress dashboard again (

Then hover over Appearance in the left side main menu and click on Themes.

Installing the Electro WooCommerce Theme into WordPress

Now your Flipkart website will really come alive. You are just a few clicks away from having a functional multi-vendor e-commerce store.

Because the theme is designed for beginners, all the functionality you need is built-in. Furthermore, it is all very easy to install.

Follow the video above to quickly install your new theme within the Theme selection page.

Once installed you have completed that, follow the video below in order to upload all the demo content to turn your website into the one we showcased at the beginning of the guide.

Click here for a reminder of what that looks like.

The final steps

To ensure that you feel confident taking on the next few steps, here’s an overview of what you will carry out by following the above videos, (we want to keep our promise that we will hold your hand every step of the way through this process).

  • How to install the Electro theme in just a couple of clicks
  • How to one-click install the various plugins that came free with the Electro theme
  • How to upload the demo content and automatically configure the settings so that your site looks exactly like the one we showed you able.

Remember, installing the demo content will give you all the framework you need to contact vendors and begin the process of having real products for sale being uploaded to your website.

Keep adding new content, inviting more vendors, and increasing your traffic until you have a website that is ready to start selling, (and making you real money).

Look out Flipkart (and Walmart) here we come!!

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