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One of the most time consuming aspects of building a new site and launching it into the world is content creation.

For the first few years of building sites, all the words in every article were written by my own hand.

While this was a good way of keeping control of the overall quality of the content, it was a terrible way to scale.

And scaling is an integral part of building an online content business and the earnings you can expect to enjoy.

The more content you produce, (in the right form) the more dollars you will earn.

This is especially true once your site gains age and authority in the eyes of the search engines. New content is indexed faster (meaning Google is scanning your site more often), and will hopefully rank higher and bring in more traffic.

Whatever way you look at it, at some point outsourcing the content production, (or at least some of it) is necessary.

Scaling content production will is integral to your online business growth

When to begin outsourcing

outsourcing content pen on pad

At what point you decide to outsource is very much up to you.

As I mentioned in Niche Site Project E04, I personally believe that when starting a new online project, (whether it’s a blog, product review site or any other website business) it is important to get your hands dirty with the content to begin with.

You will want to establish an overall tone for the site. This comes through the content you publish.

Not only that, but researching the niche, products, business in order to create the content will give you an insight into what you are dealing with.

You will understand your audience more, their needs and interests and will be able to deliver the right content for them.

Something between 25 – 50 articles is a good number I would say.

Beyond that is the question of budget.

I was forced to write all that early content because I couldn’t afford otherwise.

Your position could be very different however.

With all that said, if I had discovered that it was possible to boost my content creation at only $5 a pop, I would certainly outsourced sooner.

However, before we dive into that process, let’s take a moment to talk about how iWriter actually works.

How iWriter works

Ordering content on iWriter is very simple.

After signing up to the service every time you login you will be treated to the following dashboard.

ordering content on iwriter

Here you can request new articles to be written, check progress on any outstanding articles and access all past orders.

(You can also save your favourite writers, but we’ll get into that in a second.)

The great thing about iWriter is the sheer number of writers on there.

The system works on a first-come first-serve basis. The first writer to accept a job you have posted will get the gig.

At that point it will no longer be visible to others.

The acceptance speed is very fast. In my experience it generally takes less than a minute for a writer to take on a project.

Very rarely have I had to wait more than 24hrs to receive the finished article.

The Writer Ranking System

The writers on iWriter are given a rank based on skill level. This is shown by stars next to the user name, (ranging from 1 to 5).

If you want a 5 star writer you can select that within your order.

Only the highest ranking writers will see your job post.

However, while the content quality will obviously be high, so is the price.

That’s not what we are here for. We want good quality articles for only $5.

Let’s dive in to see how I do it.

Submitting the job to all writers

How to select writers on iwriter

The way to get 7o0 words for $5 is by allowing the job to be seen by all writers.

The problem is, if you do not give the correct instructions you will end up receiving some terrible content.

There are seemingly lots of non native English speakers working on iWriter, and if you use the service the wrong way you will end up with barely legible content, or even spun articles.

The good thing is you can reject any finished article if it doesn’t meet your requirements.

You do not pay until you are satisfied.

However, you do not want to go through a long process of rejections until you receive something you are happy with.

That’s where giving the right instructions comes in.

Giving the correct instructions

Submitting your jobs to all writers means there is a very good chance that your job posting will be seen by a quality writer that is looking to increase their star rating.

These are the people you want to be working for you.

To make this happen, you need to do everything possible to ensure the low grade writers do not accept your job.

Sorting the wheat from the chaff

One of the best ways to do this is to INSIST that the article not be written with SEO in mind, (I have Chris Lee from RankXL to thank for this great tip).

iWriter give you the opportunity to state the keyword that should be used.

To give you an idea of what to write in the order form, I will use my ‘Best Water Ioniser’ product example from Niche Site Challenge E03 – Finding The Right Keywords.

If I was ordering a Buyer’s Guide’ to add to my top 5 review article, I would add the following details in the Keyword field.

You are basically adding your article title in the keyword box.

Article Purpose

Then when you reach the article purpose box, you should give firm instruction that this is not an SEO article. The keyword above is merely the title and that keyword density should not be a priority.

As you can see with my instructions, I want the writer to write naturally.

In my experience this immediately raises the level of writing that you receive.

The more information that you put here on what you want the article to cover, the better.

The points that you list give your writer a clear plan on how to create the article. Very often they will use your points as sub-headings within the piece.

In short they stay on track and you are much more likely to get the content that you need.

Also state that reputable sources should be used and clearly listed. Again, this helps raise the quality of the article and helps put off those that are looking for a quick and easy $5.

Preventing scraping and spinning

Finally, you can insist that the article will be thoroughly checked for scraping and spinning. Be direct, and make it know that this along with plagiarism will not be tolerated.

Yes you may sound like a bit of a ball breaker, but the statement goes a long way to put off the scammers.

They are less likely to take their chances on you with spun or copied content. I believe that this authoritative tone is enough to make them look elsewhere.

The completed order

Once you are finished, your order form should look something like this:

My approval rate (i.e percentage of article submissions I have accepted) is currently over 80% as a result of using these instructions.

It would be higher if it wasn’t for the trial and error process I went through when I first started using iWriter.

Favorite Writers

A great system with iWriter that you can use to your advantage is the ability to save your favorite writers and send job opportunities only to them.

When ever you receive a finished article that you are happy with, you can easily save the writer’s details into your dashboard.

Then, once you have between 5 and 10 writers saved, you can send your $5 article only to those on your list. This helps keep the quality high.

Clearly, some of those writers will move on as their star rating increases, however you can choose to up your payment in order to keep working with them, or go back out in the field and send your job offer to everyone so that you accumulate more trusted writers.

How to get started with iWriter

For those looking for content, signing up to iWriter is a breeze.

Creating an account is absolutely free.

Once you have a username you can add funds to your wallet via Paypal or Credit / Debit card.

Each time you order an article, the relevant amount will be deducted from your funds.

I have not experienced the process of getting started with iWriter from the perspective of writing for the platform, however this article covers the pros and cons in detail.

Wrap Up

If you are getting started with outsourcing your content creation, iWriter is an excellent platform to begin with.

It is cheap and very simple to use.

Yes, the content you receive will not be ground-breaking. In depth ‘pillar’ articles that you want to be shared voraciously need more investment (either your own time writing such articles or from a more established service such as Textbroker or

However, by following the above instructions to get viable filler content on your site for a mere $5, iWriter is very difficult to beat.

And when you use this system alongside my ‘Perfect Product Review Template’ from Niche Site Challenge E04, you have a process that can help you scale your money content a lot faster than if attempting to do all this on your own.

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Making money online is hard graft and can be a tad solitary at times. It would be fantastic to hear from others that are just like me: working hard to become online entrepreneurs to live life under their own terms.

If that’s you feel free to leave a message below. Let’s hang out and pursue the journey together.

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