Amazon Affiliate Site Challenge – September Income Report

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So here we are.

It is the last month of the challenge. Have I reached my target? Did I bring my failing Amazon affiliate product review site to $2000 a month after just 6 months?

Did my strategy of working just 8 hours a week on content, spending no more than $100 a month on the website work?

Just as significant, did my plan of not building any backlinks work?

Could I transform the earnings from a mere $150 a month to $2000 with such little effort?

The answer?

Well, first let’s take a little look at what I have been doing during the last weeks of the challenge.

What have I been up to in September?

My family and I took a road trip down to San Francisco – This got in the way of work for a bit.

I actually went against my content plan this month (see Niche Site Challenge E04).

The fact is, I have been on holiday in America for 3 weeks during September.

A nice tour of the Pacific Northwest with the family which included some time in Portland and a wonderful drive down the coast to San Francisco and LA.

My daughter peering out the window of the Cheesecake Factory in central San Francisco

To say that I loved it is an understatement.

To say I got much work done would be a lie.

The general publishing schedule of 4 articles a week went out of the window this month. I managed just 6 articles on the challenge site throughout  September.

This was made up of 3 best of review articles with 3 supporting articles for each.

That’s it.

This is the first month that I failed to keep to my very strict regime.

However, in my experience this will probably only impact the potential earnings for October.

Let’s look at how it all translates to the figures now.

September 2018 Traffic Report

Amazon affiliate site challenge - income september

Average daily sessions have now reached 536 for the month.

This is a very consistent increase over August where the average was just 395 daily sessions.

The most sessions in one day was a respectable 701. With us now going in to the most lucrative 4th quarter of the year, I expect to be reach over 1000 daily sessions sometime in October or November.

Amazon affiliate site income

A total of 19,993 page views is pleasing. That’s over double what the site was getting at the beginning of the challenge.

So, the traffic is increasing at a rate I am pleased with.

Has this been enough for me to reach the target of $2000 monthly earnings after just 6 months of part time work?

Let’s take a look…

September 2018 Earnings Report

affiliate income report september

Woo Hoo

The site made $2,123.61 during September.

Despite the fact I worked very little on the site throughout the month, it still reached my target.

In just 6 months I have successfully turned a site that was earning a mere $150 monthly income, to a substantial $2000 a month passive income business.

If I was to stop here the site will likely carry on earning 4 figures a month until I decide to sell it.

The current market value at 25 x monthly revenue would be an extremely satisfying $50,000.

Wonderful news.

So what next?

open road

There’s nothing stopping me from growing the site even more. The home niche is huge when it comes to products and I can easily add more categories on to the site as it grows.

To be honest my plan is to take the site to an average of $5000 a month and then sell it.

By continuing my 8 hrs a week part time strategy, I believe this could be achieved by spring 2019.

This would translate into an amazing $125,000 payout.

Not bad for less than a year’s work, (with less than $100 a month spent).

Add that to the income the site would have earned during the challenge and the coming months and that would be close to $150,000 in my pocket.

It’s a business model that never fails to amaze me.

End of the challenge

Now that the 6 months of the challenge have passed, this will be the last of my monthly reports.

However, I do plan on documenting the sales process when I come to do that next year, (assuming plans do not change in between).

I may also do a roundup update in December. Like I say, with the current trajectory I do expect some nice income increases during the lucrative 4th quarter.

Are you in the process of giving an old website an overhaul in the hope of increasing your online income? Or maybe you are starting a site from scratch.

Either way, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. Hi! Great amazon earnings and great post! Was an interesting read. I have a question. Can I use a screenshot from this post as a reference to show people that earning with amazon affiliates is real and can bring a lot of earnings? Let me know please. Thanks.

    1. Hi there, thanks for leaving a comment, I am happy you enjoyed the read. And no problem at all, feel free to use the screenshot. I would appreciate an attribution link back to the article if you could though please. Cheers.

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