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Amazon Affiliate Site Challenge – May Income Report

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Another month has already been and gone. Is it me or is 2018 just flying by?

The good thing is its really heating up here in my home town now. The onset of summer is upon us and my morning cycle ride and swim is happening once again.

When I think of my morning routine now, (swim in the Adriatic, breakfast with my family before heading to a cafe around the corner with my laptop), and compare it to my old life in London, where most mornings involved running for the tube and spending 45 minutes with my face rammed inside a stranger’s armpit – I can’t quite believe how I used to cope.

The important thing is to change your status quo for the better.

That’s what BuildASiteLike is all about. Our various guides showing you how to build websites are all about helping you guys to get started online. The team and I here want you to start your own digital income journey, so you can break free of the rat race and enjoy life on your own terms.

Anyway, enough of the pep talk, it’s time to discuss the numbers.

Month 2 of the Niche Site Challenge

Challenge Recap: I aim take one of my old Amazon review sites from $150 to $2000 a month average income, (within 6 months working just 8 hours a week).

So what have I been up to over the 32 dedicated hours during May?

To be honest, as far as my output there is not a huge amount to report.

If you have followed the Niche Site Challenge episodes so far, you will be aware of my keyword research methods, content plan and the review article template that I use and how I use iWriter to boost content production.

During May I have used all of those techniques, stuck to my guns and have been cracking on with content.

A further 8 top 5 best of product review articles have been written. Each of those articles has had a supporting article published, (on the same site) covering how to use the product, safety / maintenance tips or any other information that seem relevant.

The articles are interlinked and posted on Stumbleupon (now Mix), Pinterest and the site Facebook page.

(I only posted one article on to Reddit this month. Going forward this will be the last time I do so. When dealing with review sites I only use the site to get some initial feedback and to research niches in the early stages.)

So with 2 months of knuckling down, are there any noticeable results?

Let’s take a look.

May 2018 Traffic Report

There has been an average daily increase when compared to April.

If I remove the Reddit post spike from the stats completely the average daily visit count is 141 unique visits.

This is a small increase of just 5 hits a day over that stats for April, (once spikes are removed). It was a shame to see the bounce rate increase to over 91%, although again the Reddit post will have skewed things there.

Ultimately organic traffic is what I am interested in as this challenge site will eventually be working on auto-pilot.

I am after the much coveted passive income of $2000 a month by the time the challenge is over.

So, a small increase in daily traffic is good news.

What about the earnings?

May 2018 Earnings Report

I won’t hide my own shock at this but May saw a huge increase in income.

A Total of $331.05 – Wow

I attribute this mostly to the existing review pages that I revamped to move up to page 1 in the SERPS, (See Niche Site Challenge E02).

A lot of those articles have now hit a mid first page position. They are starting to earn their keep.

The day that saw the Reddit spike actually had the lowest earnings for the week, (just $3.78).

The articles I have created during the challenge are not appearing on page one as yet for their main targeted keywords, however, clearly with the increase in traffic the long tail on these best of articles is starting to have an impact.

That’s how I have managed to see such an increase in earnings.

To reach that $2000 within 6 months I will need to see exponential growth from here on in.

Fingers crossed June will make just a big an impact.

A note on the season

Some product review sites will see an increase in income depending on the season.

If you are plugging swimming pool equipment or winter hiking gear it is quite obvious what time of year will be better for you.

My challenge site is predominantly in the home niche and is not particularly seasonal.

This is something I am trying to maintain as I broaden my site beyond the original niche, (see E03 and my view on Exact Match Domains for more on how).

My content plan has provided me with product reviews for items that sell at different time of the year, however my aim is to keep a good spread across all seasons.

This is something to consider when first starting a review site or expanding an existing one.

Are you in the process of giving an old website an overhaul in the hope of increasing your online income? Or maybe you are starting a site from scratch.

Either way, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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