Amazon Affiliate Site Challenge – June Income Report

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So we’re 3 months into the niche site challenge now. We’ve reached the halfway mark. It’s time to look at exactly what I have been up to over the last 4 weeks.

First though, for those that don’t know what it is I am doing…

Challenge Recap: I aim take one of my old Amazon affiliate review sites from $150 to $2000 a month average income, (within 6 months working just 8 hours a week).

At the end of every month I like to take time to check out the fruits of my labour.

Just how much traffic am I getting now Google has had time to see the changes I have been making.

More importantly, what has happened to the overall income.

How close am I getting to my overall goal of $2000 passive income on this website within 6 months of working on it part-time?

Before all that, let’s look at the graft part. No pain without gain and all that.

What have I been up to during June?

affiliate income

This section of the update is going to get more and more boring for my regular readers.

The fact is I have done nothing different from previous months.

In my mind, creating a successful Amazon affiliate site is all about systems.

Once you have your product keywords and content plan, it is just a case of executing it.


As I stated in Niche Site Challenge E04, my system involves creating 4 articles each and every week. These consist of:

  • 2 x top 5 best of ‘insert product here’ articles complete with buyers guides (I order the buyer’s guides off iWriter for $5 and I write the product reviews myself).
  • 2 x supporting articles – these are both ordered on and provide information on how to use the product in question.

Over the course of the month that means I have ordered $20 worth of articles on iWriter (a total of $80 spent during June).

After publishing each article I spend 5 minutes posting images from the articles on to Pinterest, post the articles to the site Facebook page, and add them to Stumbleupon.

There have been no posts to Reddit this month, (see how to research your niche using Reddit for more on that).

So that’s the labour for the month. What about the figures?

Let’s take a look.

June 2018 Traffic Report

Amazon Affiliate niche site challenge june income

I am quite pleased with the consistent increase in average sessions for June.

The site has been hovering around 140 a day for the best part of a year.

The first 2 months of the challenge did not see the traffic increase by much at all.

However, because I am relying so much on free organic Google traffic there is always a little delay when you first start making changes to a site that has laid dormant for a while.

Google doesn’t rush into reassessing your site. It also takes time for the new content to be indexed.


Month 3 has been different. The site is definitely gaining momentum.

Average daily traffic is now at 190 sessions.

This is good. Given the nature of my content this will nearly all be targeted traffic too.

In other words, people that have tapped in product reviews or comparison queries will be reaching my site. (See E03 on buyer intent keywords for my process).

Let’s take a look at how it all translates in far as hard income.

June 2018 Earnings Report

I am pleased to say that the exponential growth continues.

Amazon affiliate niche site challenge june income

The site made $610.88 in June.

The income has doubled for the 2nd month in a row. That’s great news.

However, given I am now half-way into the challenge you may think that my aim of $2000 by month 6 will be a bit of a stretch.

In my mind, as long as the site continues this growth curve I will meet my target.

Check back next month to see how I do.

Are you in the process of giving an old website an overhaul in the hope of increasing your online income? Or maybe you are starting a site from scratch.

Either way, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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