Amazon Affiliate Site Challenge – July Income Report

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Yep, it’s that time again.

There’s something about tracking your process on a monthly basis that makes you realise how fast time flies by.

It seems like 5 minutes ago I was tapping out my June report.

Before I begin, let’s have a quick reminder what the challenge is all about.

I aim to take one of my old Amazon affiliate review sites from $150 to $2000 a month average income, (within 6 months working just 8 hours a week).

So what have I been up to in July?

I have followed the content plan to a T.

I have been churning out 4 articles each week.

As explained in Niche Site Challange E04, my strategy for the challenge site is very simple.

Every week I create:

  • 2 x top 5 best of ‘insert product name’ review articles – 5 individual product reviews plus a buyer’s guide in each article
  • 2 x supporting articles – information linked to the products in the review articles (how to use, maintenance tips etc)

With the help of iWriter (see E04 and how to get quality articles for only $5 on iWriter) I have been able to produce this amount of content in my 8hrs dedicated to the site every week.

All I do is write the product reviews and insert the content into WordPress. I also post those articles onto the Facebook page, Pinterest and Stumbleupon.

With my system fully in place and working like clockwork each week the challenge site is coming on nicely.

However, with this being month 4 how close am I to reaching my $2000 passive income goal by the end of the challenge?

Let’s take a look at the stats.

July 2018 Traffic Report

Amazon affiliate site challenge - July 2018

The traffic increase has been extremely satisfying this month.


I am relying on my content strategy alone to build the traffic and to reach my affiliate earnings goal.

The daily average sessions has increased to 286 per day.

That’s nearly 100 per day more than in June.

And if I look at the last week of July, the site was having over 300 sessions every day.

So how does that translate to the earnings?

July 2018 Earnings Report

The site made $844.09 in July.

To be honest in terms of my challenge, this is a little disappointing.

Sure I am happy that the site has jumped much higher than the stagnant income it had for most of the previous 18 months, however reaching $2000 per month with just 2 months to go is looking a little more difficult.

I was hoping for the same exponential growth the site had enjoyed between April and June – a doubling of income each month.

Digging Deeper

Despite the fact some niches do experience a downturn in the summer, the product areas I am concentrating on are not particularly seasonal.

My site is firmly in the home niche so products should still be selling.

Having said that, while people are busy reaching for the sun screen and the heading to the beach they are less likely to be sat in front of the computer ordering stuff online.

Looking at the July 2017 figures for the challenge site, this does ring true.

The site made only $78.15 that month. This was down from $122.78 in June 2017.

An analysis of summertime online shopping habits by web analytics firm SumAll demonstrates this in hard figures. They state that gross sales for online merchants in July decline 30% from December highs.

Unfortunately for me, according to their study the average order value falls nearly 5% below the annual average in August. So there’s worse yet to come.

Fingers crossed my traffic continues to grow to offset the potentially lacklustre buying.

Are you in the process of giving an old website an overhaul in the hope of increasing your online income? Or maybe you are starting a site from scratch.

Either way, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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