Amazon Affiliate Site Challenge E04 – The Perfect Product Review

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Now it’s really time to pull our socks up. We have reached the stage where it really counts – content creation.

When earning an online income through affiliate marketing the content is your product.

If you hope to have any real success in 2018, your content needs to be top-notch.

In fact, as you will see with my strategy (which involves very little link building), your content needs to be a whole lot better than the competition.

My Amazon Review Site Strategy

In a nut shell:

I rely on lots of low competition keywords (including the natural long tails that become possible with long form articles) combined with skyscraper content.

I ensure that my page is better than everything else on page 1 reviewing the product.

I do this with what I call the  ‘Perfect Amazon Review Article Template’.

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I assure you. When you scale the above, you will be successful. You will achieve a mid 4 figure income. If your niche is broad enough and you continue to scale, your income will only keep on growing.

I know because I have done this successfully with 2 separate websites. Income on my main Amazon Affiliate sites continues to increase exponentially.

dollar rise

If I am honest, it never ceases to amaze me. It almost feels wrong.

And as you know, as a side line project (just 8hrs a week) the goal of this niche site challenge is to take one of my old, neglected websites and turn it around to $2,000 a month in just 6 months.

With that in mind, it’s time to look at how I plan on doing that.

Today’s episode will concentrate on my overall content plan, plus I will dissect my ‘Perfect Amazon Review Article Template’ so that you can successfully use it too.

The Content Plan

content plan

A content plan is very important if you want to stay on track with your project.

It helps you review your progress as well as encourage you to keep on going when you just don’t have the energy.

For my challenge site I have the following content plan that I will carry out each week without fail.

  • 2 x Top 5 Best ‘insert product here’ Review Articles – These are the money articles with affiliate links to Amazon. Generally no less than 3000 words in length.
  • 2 x Supporting Articles – Each is directly connected to one of the review articles above. The formats are along the lines of: How to use a ‘insert product here’, safety / maintenance tips when using a ‘insert product name’, different types of… you get the picture

The supporting articles very often have no affiliate links. They are there to balance the site out with content and to add a different level of value. They are often smaller articles of about 750 – 1000 words each.

I will never stray from this plan.

The Allocation of My Time

time clock

I have mentioned this before, but I will say it again:

My efforts on the challenge site can be no more than 8hrs a week.

I am attempting to replicate the personal circumstances that many of you have, (and I certainly had when I first started my digital income journey) – very little time.

Believe me, I know. Balancing the online income dream with a full time job and a family is very difficult. It can feel almost impossible to allocate enough spare time with which to do this.

However, by way of encouragement the picture below is a snap shot of me before lunch today.

Clearly I haven’t had much time to hit the gym. And apologies for the pasty skin; I am an Englishman and it is only the beginning of June, (for a bit of back-story I actually live and work in Croatia).

However, I do believe that whatever your circumstances, if you are really serious about making a living online you will find 8hrs in your week to make it happen.

It is a small price to pay for personal and financial freedom


The 8hr a Week Action Plan

content plans

Lets take a look at how I plan on using those 8 hours. I sometimes spread tasks over a number a days depending on my obligations elsewhere.

The important thing is to make sure you finish your self-imposed to-do list within a given week.

Day 1: Preparation = 2hrs

Sometime on Sunday I like to sit down and plan the week ahead. This involves the following:

  • Choosing the 2 x top 5 best articles that will be written
  • Pull together the source materials for the product reviews
  • Order a buyer’s guide for each best of article (using iWriter)
  • Order the 2 x supporting articles (using iWriter)

Let’s look at those bullets in detail:

Choosing the Articles

When choosing the 2 x Top 5 best articles to be written I head to the folder of 20 or so article plans that I created during the keyword research in Niche Site Challenge E03.

Each article is in the form of a word doc. The title is the main keyword and below that I have a list of the buyer intent long tail keywords that I plan to cover in the article.

I have a second folder on my desk top simply titled ‘CS – This Week’. (CS = Challenge Site).

I choose my two articles, (there’s no rhyme or reason to the selection process) and slide the relevant word docs across into the ‘CS-This Week’ folder.

I do this because having a small folder of the tasks to complete that week, makes things a whole lot less stressful.

It all feels more than doable and that is half the battle.

Source materials for product reviews

For each of the best of articles I need to find 5 products to review.

Using my water ionizer example in Niche Site Challenge E03, I will find 5 of the best customer rated ionizers on Amazon and pull together product information and industry / customer opinion.

I use Amazon, the brand websites and forums as well as other review sites to get this info.

This is all cut and pasted into a word doc ready for creating the review.

Ordering the Buyer’s Guide

Because outsourcing content is such a big deal, I will be devoting all of Niche Site Challenge E5 to how I use to source usable content for just $5.

For now though we will look into how I boost the speed of my content creation by ordering 2 x product buyer’s guide (700 words).

These articles should include info such as:

  • what the product is…
  • what to look for when buying the product..
  • benefits of owning the product…
  • type vs type, etc

Each buyer’s guide will be added to the Top 5 best review articles that I will write later in the week.

Ordering the 2 x supporting articles

With the choice of my 2 main review articles for the week, I can now choose 2 x relevant supporting articles. Both of these are also ordered on iWriter.

My total orders for the week are already submitted by Sunday evening and amount to $20.

It generally takes no more than 24hrs for them to arrive in my iWriter dashboard.

Day 2 & 3: Writing Reviews = 3hrs

apple air laptop

These 3 hours are allocated to writing the product reviews (and the intro to each best of article.)

That amounts to 10 individual product reviews each week (500 + words each – compiled into two articles of 5 reviews each).

I use the source materials I collected during the preparation stage to write these.

Each review has full details of the individual product and its plus points.

To add value and to not seem biased you should always find at least 1 negative point. Round it off with a conclusion section titled bottom line.

Don’t use the heading conclusion because you sound like an idiot. This isn’t a 5th grade science paper.

I could outsource these reviews but you need to pay more than $5 to get content good enough to convert.

Plus, I think it is important to add your own style to the articles. In order to beat the competition, your writing needs to jump off the page.


I go for a personable style of writing, as if I am talking to a friend.

Writing the articles yourself also gives you insight into your niche and the type of person your ideal customer is. You need to speak to them directly. Knowing who they are is integral to this.

A 5 dollar ordered review will never achieve that.

Day 4 & 5: Publishing Content = 2 hrs

By now all the content I have ordered from iWriter is back, (along with any potential rewrites).

We are therefore ready to publish the Review Articles.

At this stage each article has been populated with the following:

  • My written intro
  • The iWriter produced Buyer’s Guide
  • My 5 reviews

It is now a case of cutting and pasting the content into WordPress. I will also add images and affiliate links as well as a comparison table, all using EasyAzon.

After pressing publish I also post the article on the site’s FB page, submit to Stumbleupon and link around 5 images to pinterest.

The entire process takes me about 1hr per article.

Day 6 & 7: Finishing Touches = 1hr

The final hour is simply spent publishing the 2 x supporting articles.

This is just a case of taking the finished content ordered in iWriter, pasting it into a WordPress post, add formatting, images and embedded Youtube videos.

I also interlink these supporting articles with the review articles and anywhere else that seems relevant.

After publishing I again submit to the same social platforms described above.

The Perfect Review Article Explained

thumbs up


Now it’s time to look at that perfect review article in a little more detail.

[thrive_leads id=’751′]

Yes, it may seem that I am blowing my own trumpet with the ‘perfect’ bit.

The fact is, this is just the way that works for me.

You can create your review articles anyway you please. The important aspect is to make it better than the competition.

My template is a consistent format that has allowed me to do this:
  • Title – The title should include the main keyword, but also make sense and be unique if possible: e.g – Top 5 best Water Ionizers – Filtration that beats the rest!
  • Short intro – This is normally only 2 or 3 paragraphs. I like to include what they can expect to read here so they know they are in the right place. I basically want to get the audience to the comparison table as soon as possible.
  • Comparison Table – The top 5 products. Image affiliate link. Text product name link. A column for category type or other important spec, an Our Rating star column. (Never put price info, or Amazon customer rating – these are against Amazon Associates terms of use)
  • The Buyers Guide – Cut and pasted from your iWriter order. Review it for errors (you’ve only paid $5 for it after all). Rewrite small sections if necessary. Add images, embedded youtube videos.
  • The 5 reviews – Cut and paste from your template. Add 2 or 3 product images using EasyAzon. I normally have one under the product name, one before the pros and cons section, and one somewhere in the middle.
  • Amazon Button – You can use Amazon buy now buttons from your Associates dashboard, or create your own. I place these at the end of each review.
  • Find Relevant Videos – If a good product review youtube or brand video exists I will embed this into the article, (unless it has a very obvious affiliate link to the product).
  • Outbound and Internal Links – After I have finished the article I will go through and link out where relevant. Link out to the brand websites, any forums that describe the product in detail, any other good source that could potentially ‘HELP’ your user. The chances are they will not follow these links, however you are showing Google that you have provided a valuable resource with links out to other valuable sources. This also balances out the number of affiliate links you have on the page.

Once you have finished all of that, read through your article one more time for typos and spelling errors, it is time to press publish.

Well done

Give yourself a pat on the back and pry open a bottle of beer. You deserve it.

And if all 4 finished articles have been published, you have finished your work for the week.

With each new article your site is growing.

In time your income will too.

Are you in the process of giving an old website an overhaul in the hope of increasing your online income? Or maybe you are starting a brand new site using one of the many guides on Build A site Like.

Either way, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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