Amazon Affiliate Site Challenge – August Income Report

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amazon affiliate site income

Month 5 of my niche site challenge.  Am I anywhere close to reaching my self-imposed jackpot? Or am likely to fall flat on my face in view of all my readers?

Before we dive into the results for August and what I have been up to over the last 4 weeks, here’s a reminder of the task I have set myself.

I aim to take one of my old Amazon affiliate review sites from $150 to $2000 a month average income, (within 6 months working just 8 hours a week).

So with only one month to go, time is getting short on me reaching the $2000 passive income a month with this challenge website.

With July being a bit of a setback (the month on month doubling of income I experienced during the early stages of the challenge had stopped and the site brought in only $840 during July) it would have been tempting for me to put extra work in on the site in August.

However, I didn’t do that. A big part of the challenge is me only working on the site just 8hrs a week.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what I got up to in the way of manual labour last month.

What I have been up to in August?

For regular readers of my blog what I am about to say will not come as a surprise; I have simply been keeping to my content plan.

The 8hrs that I work each week consist of the following:

  • Choosing 2 x top 5 best of product articles from my keyword research folder of articles to write.
  • Ordering 4 articles on iWriter (2 x buyers guides for the best of articles, and 2 x supporting articles)
  • I spend several hours writing the reviews myself. This amounts to 5 separate product reviews for each best of article.
  • Once I have received the completed articles back from iWriter, I combine the buyer’s guides with the reviews to create the 2 x best of articles and publish.
  • I also publish the supporting articles.
  • Everything gets posted to my social media platforms of choice.

So in total I have been publishing 4 articles a week, for every week of the challenge. (See E04 and how to get quality articles on iWriter for only $5 for a complete explanation of the process).

Note that I haven’t spent anytime building backlinks.

This is also part of the experiment. To see if I can build authority on good content alone. I have not built a single backlink to the site during the entire challenge.

So, that’s my system, now how about the results.

August 2018 Traffic Report

Amazon affiliate site challenge - August Traffic

Average daily sessions is now up to 385 a day.

That’s an increase on June by almost 100.

Towards the end of August the site was consistently getting over 450 sessions a day.

Amazon affilate site challenge - traffic

I am pleased with this consistent improvement on organic traffic.

However, traffic is nothing with an affiliate review site if you are failing to convert.

How does this progress translate with regards to earnings?

August 2018 Earnings Report

Drum roll please…

Amazon affiliate site challenge - aug income

The site earned $1,271.33 in August.

Woo hoo, we have broken through the $1,000 barrier.

At little later than I would have hoped considering I am now moving into the final month of the challenge. However, this is real solid improvement.

I remain confident that September will see a continual increase in traffic and earnings so that I come close, if not beat my aim of making $2000 a month after 6 months of work.

Check back next month for the final part of the challenge.

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