Amazon Affiliate Site Challenge – April Income Report

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So we have come to the end of the first month of the Niche Site Challenge.

My aim is to increase the average income of one of my under-performing Amazon product review sites from an average of $150 to $2,000 a month, within 6 months.

By detailing my exact steps I hope to be able to show you guys how you can grow your small websites into something much larger and more lucrative.

Most importantly of all I am trying to do this outside my normal day job, (just as many of you have to work)

In an attempt to replicate my circumstances when I first started working online, I have only been spending 8hrs a week on the challenge site.

All the work has been done in the evenings and on weekends.

This is to show that you guys can do this too.

I know first-hand how difficult it is to find the time when you’re juggling a career and family. However, if you want this bad enough, you will be able to find those 8 hours a week.

The month in brief

Over the last 4 weeks I have managed to achieve the following:

Week 1

During the first week of the challenge I carried out enough Keyword Research to come up with a content plan of about 20 products to review.

With supporting articles for each product that’s 40 individual posts altogether. (See Niche Site Challenge E03 for step-by-step instructions on my keyword research methods.)

I also carried out some much needed technical TLC on the site, as well as looked at what existing articles could be improved upon. (See Niche Site Challenge E02)

Week 2

The content creation started in full swing during week 2. Using iWriter and creating my own reviews, I kept to my content plan of 2 large top 5 best of review articles, plus supporting articles. (See Niche Site Challenge E04 and How To Buy Quality Content On iWriter For Only $5 for full details on this process).

I also began using Reddit and to increase my knowledge on the niche I am targeting. (See using Reddit to research your niche for more on that).

I posted a couple of my existing articles to Reddit to see what kind of response I would get.

Week 3 and 4

Well in truly into the content grind over the last couple of weeks.

This has seen another 8 articles added to the challenge site. On top of the 4 in week two, that’s a total of 12 published for the month.

April Traffic

Nothing to write home about here.

To be honest I did not expect to see any fast results. That’s the thing with niche sites and relying on Google traffic.

It will take its sweet time.

Having said that, the Reddit posts did bring an increase in traffic. About 4500 extra unique visits.

That did not lead to any noticeable increase in earnings however, (Reddit users are notoriously difficult to convert).

That’s not what I was after though. The posts that did well received some decent feedback that I could follow up on.

Comments included details on what the articles lacked, (you can always expect criticism from the Reddit community), I also got an insight into some other products I could promote.

So it wasn’t time wasted by any means.

Earnings for the month

Now we come to the big one.

How much money did I make, (drum roll please…)

A whopping $151.27

Exactly spot on my monthly average for the last year of the site’s life.

This is to be expected.

I hope to see an upturn by the end of next month, but there was no way I thought I would see an increase in just 4 weeks.

For now it’s just a case of getting my head down and keeping to the content plan I have made for myself.

Are you in the process of giving an old website an overhaul in the hope of increasing your online income? Or maybe you are starting a site from scratch.

Either way, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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