Make your own website

Hey there,

Welcome to BuildaSiteLike.com. This website is all about helping beginner entrepreneurs get started online.

My team and I see the business of building websites as very democratic. Gone are the days where you need to know programming languages in order to launch your own site.

With the wonderful world of WordPress and the thousands of ready made themes available, it is possible to build websites of all manner of styles and function.

As you will find in everyone of our guides, you can do all of this without typing a single  line of code.

However, each of the websites we show you how to build can be run as a fully fledged business. We are talking about sophisticated websites with a ton of functionality here.

So why BuildaSiteLike?

The fact is, many beginners to website creation think about the site they would like to build in terms of what already exists.

And that’s great, why not build a site like Youtube, or Facebook? The internet is a big place, there are plenty of users to go around.

By basing your new website on an already established success story, you have a wonderful foundation to work from.

Who know’s where it could lead.

But making the start is the important part, and here at BuildaSiteLike.com we show exactly how.